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Tampha’s Art Space


Artist & Illustrator

Hi I’m Tampha and I love to create artworks and illustrations that make people simple. My portfolio includes print and digital media, clothing and kids’ books. Thanks for visiting!

Character development for a story text about a girl and her friend Bob the balloon
Fill your heart and soul with love

Crelin the alligator & Bruce the goose love to dance
You are awesome
Alligator at the bus stop!
A page from my first illustrated book – Mr Slithers and Mr Grr. Written by Anvi Badsra
That umbrella wasn’t necessary, was it?
Adventures ofScooter! A character development for an Illustrations contest in May 2021
Adrift but not lost
‘Look at that moth!’, she gasped.


I’m available for new projects. Drop me a line, and let’s create something new.